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Frederick Douglass Academy III had an 89% graduation rate for the 2022 - 2023 school year, and projects to have a 90%+ graduation rate for the 2023 - 2024 school year.

Our Mission: To empower every scholar, every day through culturally relevant and engaging instruction with support for the whole child.

Other Highlights:

  • Advanced Placement classes: Environmental Science, Government & Politics, Psychology, African American History, Pre-Calculus, Literature

  • 94% Safety Rating from 2022-23 School Survey

  • 96% Cultural Awareness and Inclusive Classroom Instruction from 2022-23 School Survey

Meet our Principal, Mr. Jumel Carlos.

Principal's Message

I want to sincerely welcome you to Frederick Douglass Academy III! We are a small gem located in the South Bronx. I have worked at Frederick Douglass Academy III for 19 years. I first began as a founding teacher and through hard work, I have had an opportunity to be the Principal for the last 7 years. I truly love the community and having the opportunity to make a positive impact in scholar lives. I believe in “paying it forward” in which someone does something for you, instead of paying that person back directly, you pass it on to another person instead. Scholar voice is very important too and we want you to express yourself to your fullest. We want scholars to feel comfortable at their school and have the option to choose what they would like in a “great” school.


Frederick Douglass Academy III had an 89% graduation rate for the 2022-23 school year and we are projected to improve to 90%+ for the 2023-24 school year! We are also pleased to announce the start of an Early College track in collaboration with Bronx Community College. Students will have the opportunity to earn credits towards their degree while in High School.


We are community school and that allows us to supply the additional resources to give to our school community. We also have several PSAL sports including Girls Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Girls Badminton, and Boys Baseball.


We are looking to make improvements to our school constantly and we are working diligently to provide the support/services our scholars will need. Welcome once again to the Frederick Douglass Academy III community! We will continue to support “every scholar, every day!”


  • Community Awareness

  • Professionalism

  • Education

  • Respect

Our student council after a meeting with the NYC Mayor!


Below please find our staff directory and contact information.

Mr. Carlos



Mrs. Babb


Mr. Heneghan


Mrs. Rosario


Ms. Genesis


Mr. Dodell


Mrs. Capellan


Ms. Stewart

Social Studies 

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